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Related post: Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 21:06:36 +0800 From: "r(y)n" Subject: Reformation-34----------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS STORY IS WRITTEN UNDER THE NIFTY BOY BANDS AUTHORS UNION Author: r(y)n Email: yr_ry_hotmail.com Other Stories in this directory: * Crossed Paths * Help Me * What I See -----------------------------------------------------------------------* Disclaimer *If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please do not read on. If you couldn't accept themes of teen porn sensation homosexuality and the like, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males youngest amature teen porn having intimate relationships and is considered FOR free teen porn thumbnail ADULTS ONLY due free babyface teen porn to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really like this stuff, please don't tell others. This disclaimer teens big tits is for your protection and mine teen girls pussy as well.Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or in simpler virgin teen porn mpeg terms, it's not true!!! Even if this story involves the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and other famous celebrities all that happen in here is fictional... again, it's not true. If there are instances that it scenes are similar to what happened in the real world, it doesn't mean that it's what really happened. The events are mere fabrication of my overimaginative mind. I don't know anything about their sexuality, as far russian teen nude as I and the world know, they're straight as an arrow so I dunno if they are gay (but I do have my speculations) or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys and slash fiction. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC or other cited celebrity in the story personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! But don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...eMAIL --> yr_ry_hotmail.com------------ Chapter 34 ------------The seats that were scattered around the stage were still empty. Well, it should be because it was still early. "Can we do 'Selfish' once again?" I asked the little teen porn galleries band who nodded. The sweet melody of 'Selfish' came out of the speakers. I really loved the song personally and it was a great composition in a professional view.It was my official first day for the NSYNC Celebrity tour. The band and I have worked for quite some time already. yough teen porn I wanted to change a lot of arrangements for this tour and I did hope that I could manage everything. We have laid down 3 songs for the day and it filthy porn teen would be most probable that the other changes that I uk teen lesbian porn wanted would come in the future. I didn't want 18 19 teen porn to overload the amateur teen lesbian sex band because that would surely make a big disaster and they were a nice bunch of people. But I kinda missed the guys I worked with in the Backstreet tour. Oh well, that's life."That was great guys. Let's take teen group porn a break." I told them that brought a cheer from them. I walked down the stage and took the bottle of water I had in the mature with teen porn first row. While dutch young teen porn drinking, I looked at the stage and thought how massive and big this concert was gonna be. I heard that the last tour was bigger so I checz teen porn couldn't imagine that since I was overwhelmed by this one already."Mart!" I heard someone call me. I looked back and saw Alex walking in my direction. I waved at him."You just arrived?" I asked him. I didn't come with the other guys because I wanted to be early to get to know the people that I have to work with and get a head start in laying down the new arrangements."Yup! Brian and Nick drugged teen porn came with me gay teen video clips but I lost them somewhere." Alex said with a shrug. local teen porn He 18 year-old teen porn looked at the stage like a kid in a candy store. "Wow! This is so big. Bigger than Backstreet I teen bondage sex think." Alex said as he walked to the stage. I followed him amused with teen o porn how he was teen anal videos acting. Like I said, he was like a child and it just made me realize that Alex was still a kid. Even if he was 18 already, he still had his childishness and immaturity sometimes."I know." I said."And look at all of the equipment. This is like paradise." Alex noted as he looked at the other equipment scattered around the stage. The crew has not finished fixing the stage. I decided ametuer teen porn to just let him wander around and I sat by the keyboard and played a new arrangement for I Want You Back. I tried not to let it sound so pop and thought that jazz would really sound good. I teen audition porn wrote it down in my little notebook where I placed some of my notes and ideas for songs and music.When I looked at under aged teen porn the cute asian teen porn entrance, Brian and Nick were animatedly talking to each other as they waked to the direction to the stage. They looked at me and waved. "Hey!" I shouted. "I want you to hear something." I said."Coming!" Nick shouted.When they reached me, I opened my notebook. "You're trying to make a solo one, right?" I asked Nick. He just nodded shyly. "I got something that would suit you well."Tell me what I gotta be, Tell me what you wanna do 'Cause I can't live my life The way you want me to You know I can't go on Living like we do Do I have to cry for you? Do I have to cry for you?"It's not yet done but I know you can add some stuff on that." I told Nick. "What teen porn links pics do you think?" I asked."Oh my God! That's such a good one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Nick said as he hugged me. I just looked at Brian who smiled at me."Stealing our beau?" I heard someone say. Nick and I broke our hug and saw the NSYNC guys standing with grins."You just arrived?" I asked."Yeah but we heard that song. It's good." Lance answered."It kinda reminds me of Bryan Adams." Josh commented teen porn anna and the others pitched their comments as well but the overall word was it was good. I was happy about that."Guys, we better do your sound check. I changed three songs as of now and I want you to be familiar with it." I told them. They nodded and teen model softcore porn walked to the sound guy to give them mikes for the sound check. "Band guys! We have sound check." I said through the mike that I have and walked away from the stage so I could have a better look of everyone. After a few minutes, everyone was ready. "Let's do Selfish. ferr teen porn NSYNC guys, listen first to the music and I'll sing it. I'll help you with it in the second run." I instructed them. "Start now." I said.The arena was filled with the melody of Selfish. I tried to make it sound more urban since they hot pussy teens were trying to be urban. I sang porn black teen creampies it while reading the lyrics written in a piece of paper. I haven't memorized it yet. free teen sex movie Once it was over, the guys just cheered."This is cool." Justin said."I know! You made it sound good." JC shared."Enough with that. teen porn sex Now, you sing." I told them silencing them. "Band, go." I said. The band once again played Selfish and helped the guys with it so they could no when to start and the teen porn pictures differences free porn teen hitchhikers that I made that would be appropriate to the new rendition.We repeated and repeated until the guys got it perfectly. I also let them hear the other two songs that I rearranged, God Must Have Spent and This I Promise You. I was beginning to get tired of the repeated songs but I teen gangbang porn have no choice and it was the only way for the guys to get accustomed to the new arrangements. Mental note, lessen the new arrangements. It was getting tedious and hell would come when I free little teen porn rearrange the fast songs.I looked at my watch and it was 12:30pm already. "Okay guys, that's it for the day. I don't want you to lose your voice later." I said. The guys cheered and walked away from the stage. "Lance?" I said when Lance passed me."Yeah?" He amanda 3d teen porn said."Can you call Wade coz I have to talk to him about my new arrangements with the fast songs?" I said. Lance's eyes bulged when he heard it."New oreintal teen porn arrangements with fast songs? You changed them?" He asked with a tinge of fright as he gulped."Only a few coz you couldn't cope up with the new arrangements if I would rearrange all. porn, nude, teen girl Don't worry Lance, I'll help you." I said to him as I squeezed his shoulder. He just smiled weakly and pulled out his cell phone.I sat down on the seat beside Brian. "When will you torture them?" Brian inquired. I looked at him confused."What do you mean torture?" Joey asked."That didn't sound good." Chris said."Well, when he was our music director he rearranged some of our songs and when he rearranged the fast songs, he made them quicker and changed some of the choreography." Nick stated."What!" They all exclaimed except Lance because I talked with him already."Guys, don't panic. Brian and Nick are just exaggerating it. I quickened the pace a bit but it's still manageable." I told them."Manageable for him." Brian mumbled."Someone called!" Wade then decided to enter the scene. All of them looked at his direction. "What did I do?" He asked."I asked for you." I said raising my hand. "I wanna talk to you about the changes on some of the songs and their choreography on some." I said."You look familiar." He said."I'm Martin. The new music director." I told him."Don't tell me that you're the Martin of Fatima?" big boob teen He asked. I just nodded. "Oh my God! These guys are in deep shit." He said as he walked away shaking his head. The NSYNC guys then looked at me with fear in their eyes."He's just exaggerating it." I laughed weakly. But that didn't appease them. Nick's phone then began to ring.Nick fumbled with his phone. "Hello?" He said. I looked at him porn collection free teen as his smile vanished. "What? They can't do free uncensored teen porn that." I heard him say. All the attention that was centered on me turned to Nick. "Fine." Nick said and hung up."Who was that?" Brian asked."Jive." He said with irritation. "Do you know what they said to me?" He stood up and his eyes were flaring with anger. "I have to make a solo album because the teen xxx movies Backstreet record was too delayed so I have to do something.""They can't do that." I said as I scratched my head."Apparently they can. Kevin and the others are gonna fume about this when they black teen anal porn hear this." Nick said as he walked away from us. I looked at JC and Justin who teen sluts porn tgp looked at him longingly."Follow him." I said to them. They nodded and followed Nick's direction. Brian was not talking and that was bad news. "Bri, are you okay?" I asked."How can Jive do this?" He said to no one in particular. I looked at the others and nodded. They got my message and they left us alone. "How can they push back our album? We are almost done with it. I mean, we already have lots of demos that we can use and we met milkman teen porn with all of these famous producers." Brian babbled.All I could do was give him an embrace. He placed his head on my chest as a lone tear escaped blonde teen couch porn his left eye. I felt broken as well. It was like Jive was screwing up the Backstreet guys. It was totally unfair. "It's gonna be alright." I hushed him as I continued to stroke his back for comfort.Once Brian was near okay, I brought him to the hotel so he could rest. He was really taking this hard. When we reached our room, I placed him on the bed and stripped him down to his wife beater and boxers. His phone rang. I immediately answer it free nude teen cheerleaders so Brian would not be disturbed. He was still zoned out. "Hello?" I said."Where's Brian?" Kevin said and he was angry."Hush Kev. Bri is resting now. He's taking it hard." I said as I walked to the bathroom so Brian wouldn't be bothered with fuck teen my shaved teen pussies conversation."You heard the news already?" Kevin asked."We were there when Jive called Nick." I told Kevin."I can't believe those young teen creampie porn fuckers teen porn girl would do something like this!" Kevin said angrily. "We've been very loyal to them and miss teen porn star they do this to us. And they're using Nick against us." Kevin said."Didn't your management do anything about this?" I asked. It was logical because their managers would have known this before them because what Jive did was big."I talked to them earlier and they are so fired!" Kevin shouted. That answered my question."I wish I can do anything. Brian is really not taking this well. He's still zoned up at the moment." I said expressing my worry."Can you just take care of my cousin? I'll try to settle this mess." Kevin told me."You don't have to tell me that. You know that I'll always take care of him." I said to Kevin."Okay. I'll call you back soon. google search teen porn Bye." Kevin said and hung up. I returned to the free teen animce porn room and saw Brian curled up in a fetal position. I walked to his side and looked at him. He was crying softly."Bri?" I voiced as I stroked his hair."This is just gay teen in underwear so wrong." Brian cried."Shhh, everything will be alright." I said nudist teens sex to Brian as I enveloped him in a tight hug. We stayed that young school teen porn way until Brian calmed down and fell asleep. I never imagined that Jive could ever pull something like this. I candy teen porn thought that they were a good recording company but maybe the takeover of BMG shook it.I looked at my watch and it read 4:30pm. I really have to go back to the stadium to facilitate it. fresh teen porn I carefully untangled myself from Brian and dressed up so I could go to the stadium. I wrote him a note and placed it on the counter beside his side of the bed. Stealthily, I moved out of the room trying not to make any noise. Once outside, I sighed with relief.Walking to the elevator, I heard a few shuffling inside the threesome's room. I thought that they were having sex or something but I heard someone cry and that bothered me. My nosy self won over me and I knocked at the door. After a few seconds, the door opened and a teary Josh faced teen steam porn me. I was shocked. He hugged me tightly and cried harder. I looked inside the room and saw Justin sitting on the bed looking at the ground. "What happened?" I asked."He left. He fucking left." Justin said angrily as he looked at me with pain and anger in his eyes. I looked around the room and there were no trace of Nick in it. It confused me more."Where did grandpas fuck teens Nick go?" I asked as I continually stroked JC's back. JC was in a total wreck."He said that he has to get away and he has to deal with this alone." Justin answered."He said that he didn't need us." JC sobbed. I entered their room so others wouldn't intrude in lota teen porn this very private moment. "I really love him.""I know you do Josh." I said. I motioned for pudapest teen porn Justin to take care of JC. He nodded and walked to me."Come here Josh." He said. JC embraced teen porn sexy him as they walked to the bed laid down. I pulled out my cell phone and called Nick. I knew that a headache was coming my way."Hello." Nick answered."Where on earth are you going?" I asked Nick with hostility. It was a long day and my patience was running low at the moment. This was not part of my plan in the NSYNC tour. I only planned to work as their music director and make the NSYNC guys teen porn girls fucking suffer a little. I didn't ask for a head ache."I need to go away." Nick answered me simply."You know that this is not the right answer. teen lesbian porn squirting You have a very angry Justin and a very distraught Joshua here. So come back here." I barked."I don't need this shit Martin. I'm going away and that's final. I have to deal with this because everything is happening too fast at the moment. It's overwhelming and I can't handle all of this. Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything stupid." Nick said and hung up the phone. I just groaned with frustration."Guys, can you go for the concert?" I asked them rubbing my temples."Josh, can you handle this right now?" Justin asked Josh as he wiped away the tears from his eyes."You know that we have to show up." JC sniffled."Come on, I'm on my way to teen reality porn tryouts the stadium." I told them. The three of us went to the stadium in silence. I had a headache and I knew that JC was trying to condition huge teen tits himself for the concert later on. I just hope that it wouldn't affect everything but it was inevitable. Something was gonna be off later.Alex was sitting by the stage. "Where were you?" He exclaimed when I walked to the stage."I have no time for this right now. I have a shit load of problems right now." I snapped at Alex. "Can you just go to back to the hotel and watch Brian? He's not really in the best condition at the moment." I asked him."Fine." Alex said rolling his eyes as he walked away."Band people! Come on! Let's do this and let's make this happen!" I shouted. After a few minutes, the band people were in position. "Let's have a run through on what we're gonna do later." I started as we began porn teen girls videos to rehearse for the concert. We have little time left so all I could only do was hope that everything would turn out right.Concert time. The stadium was filled with screaming girls. I took out my earplugs and used them. I learned from the Backstreet tour that the screaming girls could give you a massive headache. The band was keyed up and ready to go. I just hoped that the free teen porn movies NSYNC guys could manage especially that JC and Justin were very emotional at the moment.We were almost finished with our set and there weren't any major screw-ups. "Goodbye New York!" Justin bellowed and nude latin teens the all the lights and pyro lit up the stage. The NSYNC guys walked out of the stage through the side. I sighed a relief because it was still a great show even gay teen girls porn if JC was off at times and even Justin."That was great show, guys. I'll see you tomorrow." I told the band. They expressed there thanks black pree teen porn and goodbyes and I walked away from the keyboards where I played. I saw one of the bodyguards waving gangsta teen porn at me. "Yeah?" I said teen avenue porn as I sprinted in his direction."The guys sent me to pick you up." He told me. I nodded and he spun around walking ahead. I just followed him. We ended up at a closed door. It was their lounge room. "You can come in." He said.I opened the door and went inside. JC was crying once again and Justin was comforting him. Lance, Chris and Joey just looked at them as they panted trying to catch their breath from the exertion during the show. "It was a great show." I told them as I closed the door behind me."Yeah." They answered blandly."Are you ready to head back to the hotel?" I asked them."We're just gonna let the fans go out yet so we won't be hassled when we get asain teen lesbian porn out." Lance replied. I just nodded. There was an uncomfortable silence and I just sat on the first available chair that I saw. It was the one beside the door."Did you get to talk to him again?" Justin asked as he continued to stroke JC's head. Josh's head free homemade teen porn was lying on Justin's chest with eyes closed."Not yet. He did say a while ago not to worry coz he won't do anything stupid." I said teen porn in stocking repeating Nick's words to me."Brian teen porn starz okay?" Joey asked."I left him sleeping in our room. He really took it hard." I informed them. I took out my cell phone and sent a SMS message to Alex asking about Brian's condition. "I can't believe that Jive would do that to them." I said."I could." chubby teen girl porn Lance said. "They didn't really deliver this year and they need to milk more money. The best solution was using the most famous Backstreet, Nick.""I free teen sex vids hate record companies." I mumbled as the tune of Drowning filling the room. It was my ringing tone. All eyes were upon me. "Hello?" I answered as I blushed slightly."Brian wants to talk to you." Alex said."Martin." Brian stated."Hey Bri! Are you alright? I'm so sorry to leave you but I have to work with the show and it was my first show today and I couldn't get out of it." I apologized."It was okay." Brian answered. "I'm fine now. What time are you coming back?" He asked."We're just letting the stadium empty so there won't be any fans later on that could stall us." I answered."Okay. I'll wait for you here." Brian said."Okay. I'll see you there. Bye." I said and hung up the phone. I just sighed and rubbed my head. "I'm gonna have a headache."I looked at JC and Justin once more. Josh has finally fallen asleep but Justin was just staring at something like he was a trance or something. But his looks could kill. It was like he was planning something and from the looks of it, it wasn't good. "Just, are you okay?" I asked.Justin snapped out of his little trance and looked at me. "I'm okay." He smiled at me. "Just thinking about something." Once again, free nude teen webcams silence filled the room.There was tiny nude teen a knock on the door and their PA, Mel's head popped in. "Everything is clear." She said and closed the door. The guys porn teen stood up except Justin who was trying to wake up Josh."Come on Josh. interacial teen anal porn We have to go. You can just sleep more later." Justin whispered. Josh's eyes opened and stood up sullenly. We all filed out of the room and went to the waiting van that would bring us back to the hotel. If this was an omen of a huge teen boobs bad time here in the NSYNC tour, I was hoping that it would be over soon. I couldn't take anymore of this. ----------------------- End of ChapterHey! That was chapter 34. This plotline was totally out of not legal teen porn the blue. I was writing and then it hit me so this was the product. I hope you like this and hopefully the next one will be out soon.Thanks to ALL of you who have taken the time and EMAILED me! I truly appreciate it very much. It's teen xxx really nice teen porn amateurs to know if there are people who are actually reading what I write.PLEASE!!!! Send me feedbacks... I'm a feedback addict! I so love those feedbacks. Short, long, good or bad, or just whatever... drop me a line okay? I also have shaved pussy teens most of the free download teen porn IM programs out there and I'm usually on, hopefully you can catch me.AIM : pseud0ry Yahoo! : yr_ry MSN : yr_ry_hotmail.comAlso, I'm usually in the boyband chatroom.NEW Addie is: yr_ry_hotmail.comEMAIL me.A big big "HI" to all my new friends in the Nifty Boyband chatroom, Nifty Writers room, and Crazy!!! There are too many names to mention but I teen boob guess Dru, Duckie and CJ are my frequent chatmates! So a big "hello" to the three of you! I wanna give average teen girl porn a big shout out to my Danish pals, Chris and Danny. They have always given nice bits of advice to me especially when I felt low. I hope you two hairy teen ass won't ever break up! :-) And finally, David!!!! Thank you very much for maintaining the Nifty archives. Without him, we won't be able to read any of the best slash stories.
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